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26 October 2006


Twelve new reviews added. Prince Buster, Laurel Aitken, New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, three italian bands, Enjoint, Redska and One Droppers, two japanise bands, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Ska Flames, and two VA compilations.
Reviewed also the first two swing bands on Skabadip, The Brian Setzer Orchestra and Capitan Jive.
Online under the section misc/pictures you can now find 10 new photo galleries. Rico Rodriguez during his last Japan Tour (photos taken by a cool Alessandro Carlesso) and during his unique italian date at Sonar, Colle val d'Elsa. Alton Ellis at Jazz Cafè, Camden Town (London), the Aggrolites at 333, Shoreditch (London), Mon Invaders, Skambiance and Continentals during the last "Ska is The Limit" in Turnhout (Belgium) and the amazing live power of the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra in a Switzerland always greener.
Also the player, as you can hear, has finally been refreshed with some new songs. Two tracks from the brand new album of the great La Ghenga, two tracks of a traditional, skatalitic Al & The Maskalzones, two tracks of Jambalaya between ska and balcanic brass music and two tracks of the belgian Skambiance with a futuristic ska that doesnt want to be absolutely classified.
Hope a good reading, watching and listening at the same time.
The only one who answered correctly all four Rico Contest questions was Max Ayanian (France).


19 October 2006

Albums just out / out soon:

Africa Unite - "Controlli" (self produced)
Aguacalientes - "Clackson!" (self produced)
Ayo - "Joyful" (Polydor Records)
Banda Bassotti - "Vecchi Cani Bastardi" (Gridalo Forte)
Begona Bang Matu - "I am Thinking About You" (Brixton Records)
Casino Royale - "Reale" (V2 Records)
Dancing Mood - "Groovin High" (Cicope Records)
Deals Gone Bad - "The Ramblers" (Jump Up/Megalith Records)
Desmond Dekker - "This is Desmond Dekkar" (Trojan)
Easy Skankers - "Tipi da Spiaggia" (self produced)
Easy Star All Stars - "Radiodread" (Easy Star Records)
Fermin Muguruza - "Euskal Herria Jamaika Clash" (Talka Records)
Franziska - "FRNZSK" (Venus)
Groundation - "Upon The Bridge" (Young Tree Records)
Kazufumi Kodama - "More" (Delphonic)
La Ghenga - "A Fine Blend of Ska & Rocksteady" (self produced)
Los Fastidios - "Rebels and Revels" (Mad Butcher Records)
Lord Mike's Dirty Calypsonians - "More..." (Jump Up Records)
Macola & Vibronda - "Calma" (One Step Records)
Mark Foggo - "It's Only a Game" (Skanky'Lil Music)
Moon Hop - "The Return to Tokyo" (Ska In The World)
Mr. Symarip - "The Skinheads Dem a Come" (Liquidator)
Open Season - "Step by Step" (Leech Redda)
Pama International - "Trojan Sessions" (Trojan)
Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra - "Budapest Ska Mood" (Megalith Records)
Pressure Cooker - "Futures History" (??)
Rico Rodriguez - "Wareika Vibes" (Jamdown)
Rico Rodriguez - "Japa Rico" (Sony)
Rimozione Koatta - "Baci di Dama" (??)
Satelite Kingston - "Algo Tiene Que Pasar" (Scatter Records)
Scaramanga - "Vernissage" (808 Records)
Skarnemurta - "Oilà Masnada" (DLT Records)
Smoke - "Smoke" (V2 Records)
Talco - "Combat Circus" (Mad Butcher Records)
The Aquabats - "Charge!!" (Nitro Records)
The Big - "Whatever Makes You Happy" (self produced)
The Caroloregians - "Organic Coal Beat From The Groovy Mines" (Grover Records)
The Congos & Friends - "Fisherman Style" (Blood & Fire)
The Drastics - "Chicago Massive" (Jump Up Records)
The Dualers - "The Melting Pot" (Galley Music)
The Firebug - "On The Move" (Deckdisc)
The Kinky Coo Coo's - "Montjuic Boneyard" (Liquidator/Redstar73 Records)
Tremende - "Ancora Tremende" (Ansaldi Records)
Twisted Family - "Fuoco che Illumina" (Good Vibes Produzioni)
VA - "Skannibal Party Vol.6" (Mad Butcher Records)
Westbound Train - "Transitions" (Hellcat Records)
Zema - "Overcome" (Melchizedek Music)



29 September 2006

Contest: Emmanuel 'Rico' Rodriguez at Sonar, Colle Val d'Elsa (SI)

Tomorrow, Saturday 30 September Rico Rodriguez will play in Italy, one single date you absolutely cant miss.
His contribution to jamaican music, to english music and to all upbeat music today, goes beyond the most optimistic imagination.
He has been playing with The Specials and with Jazz Jamaica, he has been playing from Argentina to Japan. Two albums come out this year saw his presence: Japa Rico and Wareika Vibes.
It's such a honour to give a legend like Rico hospitality here in Italy.
A unmistakable style, notes comfortable and enchanting, soul, passion and magic. The lazy trombone of Rico will paint melodies and will make you travel, it will drive careful listeners like leaves in the wind.
It's a dangerous train, but unique and unmissing.
Obviously also this time we could not miss to give you the opportunity to win two credits. You have just one day time to give us the correct answers, to enter the Contest click here.
Congratulations to the winners of the last contest: Marco Genoni and Andrea Dore.



12 September 2006

Trojan reissues "This is Desmond Dekkar" on CD and from Japan comes an unexpected "Japa Rico - Rico Rodriguez meets Japan".

After a short summer break we are here back to talk about good music.
We bring you some quick news about two albums you cant miss, "This is Desmond Dekkar" out last 21 august on Trojan and "Japa Rico, Rico Rodriguez meets Japan" out last 28 june on Sony Music and available in Japan only. The first one is a reissue of the homonymous LP that came out with big success in 1969, this time on digital format and with 19 bonus tracks added, the second one is a cool album recorded by a 70 years old Rico Rodriguez and backed by some of the most and less famous japanise ska bands. Such a beautiful song the cover of L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole sang by Rico and backed by TSPO.
If someone still has doubts (as here at Skabadip somebody had) on the quality and the energy coming from the japanise ska-reggae scene, you are warmly invited to take part in a show of the sweeping Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. The european tour is just over and if you had no chance to go and see them, we will try to share our feelings with a quick review and some photos taken during their concert in Winterthur, Switzerland.
Soon we will also give you a big list of the numerous albums released in the last few months.
We want at last let you know that tomorrow will take place a Contest with two tickets prize for the night of 26 september at Transilvania Live, Milan. The night is organized by Rumble Fish Live and it will see on stage Slackers (USA), Lord Paul meets One Droppers, and Train to Skaville DJ Set.
The winners of the last contests who are still waiting to receive the prize or who had problems to get credits, are invited to contact us immediately.
Cheers and a welcome back to all our readers.



10 July 2006

World's Champions



7 June 2006

New album from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

After their three previous singles, Tsuioku No Lilac, Sapphire No Hoshi and Hoshi Furu Yoru Ni, it's out today Wild Peace, the new 12th album of the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Thirteen tracks plus a bonus track, the dub version of Rainy Thursday, "dubbed" it seems by Victor Rice.
For the true fans and for the collectors of japanese ska, there is also the possibility of CD+DVD, this one containing the videos of some tracks of the album.



1 June 2006


The Punkreas Contest finished today. Piera Canovi won the new album of Punkreas, Andrea Dore and Yuri Vazzola both won a free entrance at one of the dates of the next Punkreas summer tour.
Arpioni goes on with Malacabeza Tour that has in these days turned one year, and so the album itself. In September they will quit the tour letting behind something like one hundred dates. Waiting for their new single that's gonna be shared on the net and freely spreaded to all of you, we let you download here the video clip of Malacabeza.
We let you know also about a new italian upbeat discographic label, the One Step Records runned and owned by our dear friend Ale.



25 May 2006

The King of Ska Desmond Dekker dead at 64.

Singer and songwriter Desmond Dekker (born Desmond Adolphus Dacres in Kingston, Jamaica on July 16, 1941) died from a heart attack at his home in Thornton Heath in the south of London today.

Here above some articles:

Radio Jamaica: Singer Desmond Dekker dead at 64.
Jamaica Observer: Desmond Dekker is dead.
BBC News: Reggae legend Desmond Dekker dies.



22 May 2006

Punkreas: New Album and Contest

Between the latest releases we let you know also about the new album of Punkreas, out next 26 May.
If you wanna read more just take a look here.
In collaboration with PropaPromoz we are also gonna show you a Contest with three fantastic prizes.
The first one who will answer four questions correctly will win Punkreas Live, the new album of Punkreas, second and third ones will win a free entrance at one of the gigs of their next summer tour. You can take a look at the dates here.

Click here to begin the Contest.


14 April 2006

Just out / Out soon

17 February - Harddiskaunt - "La Buena y La Mala Onda" (Elmo Records)
4 March - The Internationals - "Wonders Of The World" (Petrol)
29 March - Makako Jump - "Mi Queso Es Tu Queso" (Eliusion/Lengi)
31 March - Yebo - "Ska From Heaven" (Skaro Records)
3 April - Jazzbo - "Born Blue" (Liquidator)
3 April - Les 100 Grammes De Tetes - "Reload" (Crash Disques)
16 April - C.O.Ska - "Chettelodicoafare" (BZ Records)
28 April - The Senior Allstars - "Red Leaf" (Grover Records)
30 April - Kalles Kaviar - "Lime Time" (Leech Records)
5 May - Matrioska - "Lo Strano Effetto Che Fa" (La Matricula)
5 May - Radici Nel Cemento - "Ancora Non è Finita" (V2 Records)
9 May - The Aggrolites - "The Aggrolites" (Hellcat Records)
10 May - Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - "Hoshi Furu Yoru Ni" (Cutting Edge)
23 May - VA - "Give 'Em The Boot Vol. V" (Hellcat Records)



4 April 2006

Copenhagen Ska Convention 2006

Once again Easter is getting closer and so is the Copenhagen Ska Convention. This time around it will be held on the 14-16th of April and as always it will be at Loppen.
We are almost done with the booking and we have been able in our own humble opinion to put togheter one of the best lineups we ever had!


Photo by Massimo Marcer
 Photo by Massimo Marcer 


28 March 2006

One good and one bad news..

The good one is that today sees the release of Concrete Jungle, latest recording by Monty Alexander, second tribute to Bob Marley after Stir It Up of 1999, also on Telarc label. The album, entirely recorded in september 2005 at Bob Marley's Tuff Gong Studios of Kingston, contains 12 tracks and is embellished by a crew of highly talented session players, among which it sees the absence of the mate-guitarist Ernest Ranglin. Pretty much easy-listening, always soft and involving. Strong and intriguing the bass/piano phrasing in the sixth track "Forever Lovin' Jah".

The bad one is that the french band Western Special after more than 10 years of activity broke up. They said goodbye during their last gig in Reims, their native town, last January 28, leaving in fans eyes as many tears as unforgetable memories. Memories of a band that offered an excellent broad range of ska, rocksteady and early reggae (the never recorded early reggae tune "Merry Go Round Gone Mad" confirms their fantastic groove). Memories of a great and moody scenic presence leaded by an unique Louis, bass player of the now ex band.



17 March 2006

News: Drop-down Menu

A new menu and two new subsections: "pictures" and "media".
Under "pictures" you will find great gig photos and many other unique images. Under "media" (still under construction) you will soon find mp3s and videos.
Who wants to send us photos, images, or any kind of article, can do it at anytime by contacting us via email.


7 March 2006

Sixth edition of the LeoSka Festival

Also this year the association Musi'ska presents the LeoSka Festival, four weeks of concerts will spread tons of Ska, Reggae, Rock, Folk and Dub.
The Festival, begun last February 25, will end next March 25 with an exceptional live music entertainment.
On the stage: Alton Ellis accompanied by the amazing ASPO, Rude Rich & The High Notes, Rotterdam Ska-Jazz Foundation and the crazy Les Fils De Teuhpu, gipsy-ska band from Paris with their unmistakable sound of banjo.
They will all play the last night of the Festival, Saturday March 25, in Leognan (10km from Bordeaux, France).
If you are the kind of people who are in the habit of seeing two times the same national touring band in concert instead of taking a little time to plan a trip, if you do not have idea of what a day of music between stalls, jugglers, marionettes and every kind of shows is, the LeoSka Festival is what you need.


17 February 2006

Kevin Batchelor's first solo album.

Current trumpeter for the Skatalites and energetic vocalist Kevin "KB" Batchelor has recently released a solo album with the help of several guests including his good friend Jerry Johnson (sax). The album titled "Batchelor Party" with Sidney Mills producing, came out last October on Living Room Records. Rocksteady rules.



15 February 2006

Dutchska Festival

The 2nd edition of the Dutchska Festival, one of the biggest and interesting European Festivals, is coming.
Last year it took place at the Melkweg in Amsterdam and there were just dutch ska bands, this year it's gonna spread music during the two days February 18 and 19, and will see bands coming from all around Europe. On Feb 18 it will take place at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, on Feb 19 at the Effenaar in Eindhoven. (dutch only)


11 February 2006

International Ska Circus

Given that you are gonna plan your next trip to the north american West Coast coz of the Hepcat, we certainly can't forget to let you know about the International Ska Circus.
Following in the footsteps of the smash International Ska Summit of 2003 and going to make its American debut appearance in Las Vegas after sold out European jaunts in London and Prague, Toasters join forces with an entrepreneur from Las Vegas and build up the event that will be this year called International Ska Circus.
The event will be held Saturday, March 11 at the beautiful Clark County Ampitheater in Las Vegas (Nevada).
The bands already confirmed to perform are: Skatalites, Toasters, Fishbone, WestBound Train, Reel Big Fish, The Pietasters, VooDoo Glow Skulls, Debonaires and Skeletones.

10 February 2006


If you thought Hepcat broke up and would never play anymore, well we tell you now that you were wrong.
Hepcat will play next March 10 at Slim's in San Francisco (California - US) and March 11 at the House of Blues in Anaheim (California). The Big Sound will open both dates.
Since we have got just Bluebeaters touring around Italy now, these two dates, also if a little far, are higly recommended.
Time to pack your bags, to book tickets and to leave is enough.. let us know.


7 February 2006

New Slackers CD album will be out next February 21.

Sixth Slackers album named "Peculiar" will come out on Hellcat/Epitaph records.
Recorded live at Ernesto's and mixed at Jeff Baker's (Django) Version City Studio, it contains all current songs and some different versions of songs already appeared on their EP "International War Crimminal".
From March 30 to April 18 The Slackers will be touring all around Europe, 19 dates through Holland, Germany, Belgium, UK and France, no dates in Italy.



20 January 2006

Wilson "Wicked" Pickett dies at 64.

Wilson Pickett died yesterday of a heart attack. Skabadip pays omage to a Soul legend, a singer of great passion, a source of inspiration for many Ska and Reggae artists.


19 January 2006

Statuto's new album "Le Strade di Torino" out today (2Toni/Venus)

Today sees the release of a double CD, recorded live at the Juvarra Theatre on October 16th 2004, last gig Statuto did in Turin.
Celebrated 20 years of career with the album "Sempre", comes out now a double live CD to fix the discography of one of the oldest still playing italian ska bands.



13 January 2006

We remind people who still have the old SkabadiP link (.com) on their pages to change it with the new one
If you also need the new SkabadiP logo, you can find it here.

The form above gives you the chance to request any kind of stuff.
Do not esitate to suggest the reviews, the interviews, the bios, the articles, the photos, the gigs or just any other type of stuff you would like to see publicated on SkabadiP.
 Your Name:  


26 December 2005

SkabadiP Xmas Contest is over.

The winners (in descending order) are:

Lorenzo Gamba
Andrea Dore
Marco Genoni
Paolo Campagnano (the only one who answered three out of four questions correctly)

We remind you that the first two winners will receive the DVD of Laurel Aitken and The Cookoomackastick “The very last concerts and studio recordings”. The third and forth ones will receive the Laurel Aitken's two-song single “You’ve Got What It Takes” and “That’s How Strong My Love Is”.



19 December 2005

SkabadiP Xmas Contest

Here's the first “SkabadiP Contest” the new SkabadiP site is going to show.
Four "hard" questions will test your knowledge of the life and works of the Godfather of Ska. Four possible answers each one. (not so "hard" if you always read SkabadiP pages).
Prizes will go to the first four people who will give the correct answers:
First two skabadippers (or just normal, rude, mod or skin, everybody can give it a try!) who will answer them correctly, will win a copy of the latest, hottest Laurel Aitken DVD with The Cookoomackastick “The very last concerts and studio recordings”.
The third and forth ones will receive the Laurel Aitken's two-song single “You’ve Got What It Takes” and “That’s How Strong My Love Is”.
Good luck!

Click here to begin the Contest.


18 December 2005

SkabadiP Xmas Contest

The first “SkabadiP Contest” will begin tomorrow.
The Contest will test your knowledge of the life and works of the Godfather of Ska.
Fantastic prizes to win!


7 December 2005

Two New Reviews: Single and DVD of Laurel Aitken and The Cookoomackastick.

The great Cuban/Jamaican artist known as the Godfather of Ska, did his last Italian tour (and his last tour in his life) during 2003 with Cookoomackastick from Ferrara. They had such a good feeling that the band, with guitarist Marci Lee, and the Godfather kept in constant touch. Even during Aitken’s sickness they’ve been calling his sweet wife Sandra almost weekly. After Aitken got better he didn’t just appear in a few shows but he joined the band to record those who are now his last songs ever recorded. The outstanding last roars by the originator of Ska music...

The entire article here: CD Reviews.


30 November 2005

SkabadiP is back online.

We are pleased to announce you once again the come back, after a pause of some months, of the first Italian website exclusively committed to musical styles such as Ska, Rocksteady & Early Reggae.
So, we wish to reaffirm the goals and purposes of the renewed the spreading of all the news coming from the universe of the funniest and absolutely most danceable music in the world; all of that will be done along with the usual consideration and respect for the oldies and through their right and careful examination, and finally giving our usual and strong support to the young & talented bands coming either from Italy or abroad.
Therefore, we wish to inform our readers, and also record companies, bands and agencies which provide Italian and foreign artists with gigs all around in the latest years, that announcements about the release of new albums and/or Italian and European tours, TV guest-appearances, flyers and anything else concerning Ska – can be sent to the mail-box address The same address will be available for any request concerning the permission to copy and to use texts and/or materials owned by Skabadip.
Please contact Sergio Rallo ( or Francesco Spadoni ( for every other communication regarding the forwarding of CDs for reviews and articles online, and any other kind of advertisements or requests for interviews even by web mail; and let us know your general questions, requests, or simply send your comments and suggestions to the mailing address:
Moreover, we feel it is our duty, on this particular and significant occasion, to seize the opportunity of thanking sincerely all the people (friends, acquaintances & perfect strangers!) who sent their reassuring appreciations on the work we’ve done and… also their sincere incitement not to give up! Thank you, it is also thanks to you that we’re back here again.
Finally, Sergio “Da Prophet” Rallo wants to give his particular and best thanks to both the persons who truly and effectually have made this event possible and, at last, a reality today: the untiring and patient Paolo “Jabba” Ressia, working under the company Mithia s.r.l, which hosts us for free on its own servers, and the man that has made possible to use this renewed website today, Francesco “Sdraba” Spadoni that, besides being the Webmaster of this site, will devote himself to such tasks as that of the critic reviewer, writer and interviewer, as a great lover and fan (and how he really is!) of the Original Early Ska. He will be your reference-point for the organizations of events, while you can ask the omnipresent Sergio “Da Prophet” Rallo any question and explanation about the history and the evolution of the Ska and Reggae music and… believe me, you can trust his answers!
At last, we want you to know that the precious partnership with Lea Borrelli will continue as the “lead female vocals” of this site, as well as Giacomo Barzaghi will go on with his careful work of updating. Here are some of the new partners of that are worth-mentioning: we recommend you our keen authority on all trends and fashion-styles relating to ska, skinhead & mod, and the original “ruud bwoy” Andrea ”DJ Erby” De Gregorio, who’s always ready (at to hang around wherever and whenever they’re playing Ska/Rocksteady ‘n’ Original Early Reggae, and the ready-steady translators Silvia Cavenaghi e Paolo Della Mora, always at your disposal.
Now, after this necessary introduction, we give you our best welcome and have a good time while reading Skabadip!


- Added 10 CD reviews and 1 gig review.
- Parts of this website are still under construction, even some published pages are partly undone.


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